Saturday, January 14, 2006

finally in theatre

perphas it's the city. or perhaps it's just my state of mind. the experience of going into a theatre performance has always been moving to me, but during the days in dallas there were just too many excuses not to go... finally now and here i regain that courage for the theatre, and by luck seeing this wonderful show tonight.

mercat de les flors
just as sometimes i go to an art opening for the gallery space more than the exhibition itself, same goes for performance venues. in the not particular "hip" district of Poble Sec, there lies the zone of fairground and theatre. i'm not sure is it because of my interest in theatre or in architecture, being in the floyer watching people pre-show is almost one of my favorite moments.
mercat de les flor Lleida, 59 - bcn --- (t) +34 93 426 1875

res de res - tempo
due to the still existing lanugage barrier, choices are limited. However, performances with less talking and "acting" are exactly the ones i prefer. Tempo is a show somewhere between "cirque del solei" and "stomp" where the four performers are all dancer-musician-acrobat-comedian. starting off in a comedy scene with non-instrument precussion such as a typewriter and other household items, the show progress with beautiful singing, piano and cello while the performers were "flying" across stage. highlight was how they have utilized the stage in a three dimensional sense, dancing "on" the backdrop perpendicular to the floor as if they are walking on this wall. the essential integration of dance and acrobat with music (live) and humor has made this into an entertaining but not too flashy piece. Along with the small theatre setting, i found its personality very content to my own taste... is it the spanish (european) culture vs the american "show biz" or just my bias? one performance cannot speak for all, for now i have found the right place with right shows, i'll have to go explore more... ...

p.s. another observation from this night further confirming my impression of the cultura atmosphere here, the audience group is not just the young and somewhat 'arty' people, but also quite a lot of older couples in their 40s or 50s who would enojoy the 'experimental' theatre just as they might go to a classical opera.

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