Sunday, April 16, 2006

c/ beates 4, baxio

this is "my" version of my front door and my street... actaully quite far from reality. :P but i'd rather it be remembered this way...


alison said...

is it where u live?
talking about soundtrack, there's one i've been listening to lately.

"Rosemary's Baby"
(soundtrack of "Rosemary's Baby") by Krzystof Komeda

i guess i love it coz i liked the movie...or...becoz i watched this movie with a bunch of interesting ppl whom i first met when i went to philadelphia last last winter.

i miss meeting interesting ppl.


mel said...

yes this is where i live. although again mind you the deceving power of photoshop. don't get disappointed if you come visit and see it one day.

and i will certainy go check out "rosemary's baby"! (both the soundtrack + film)

well well, the meeting interesting people part fades down once you settle in life in the city, then there's when you build up relationships with those interesting people you've met... don't miss it as you sure will meet more interesting people in the future...

(and damn... don't i still sound like a mom?) ..