Saturday, April 29, 2006

collection of plazas

Base on the principal of "getting lost on purpose", i went out on these 'walks' again this afternoon. By chance and by luck i arrived at this courtyard off calle hospital. actually i've been here before, just never passed this point thus never discover this courtyard. i know if i spend the time here doing this i'll lose the hours to go to the bookstore. but then, as always, going to l'central is just the mean/ the excuse to go take a walk. since there are so many unknowns waiting to be discovered, getting there or not, in the end, become less important.

i have forgotten all the things that i've studied about classical architecture. but somehow it seems to give a comfortaing effect to the general public. perhaps it is the assurance of history and time. opening up one of these courtyard to the public must be the merit of this city government.

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