Friday, April 21, 2006

a critical eye for bookmaking

after a few months since i took on this job of making the publication of our master, it's not until this day, after presenting the half-finished proposal to my fellow students and professor, i have felt the weight on my shoulder. it isn't really a burden in any sense (yet), i'm more than happy to have the opportunity to take on this job. However, for all the books that i've liked and bought and read, it is not until today i try to look at them in a critical and technical way.

being one feet into the graphic design profession for many years now, to make somethin visually plesant no longer seems a challenge to me. i probably will not be the actual graphic designer of the book but in that sense i do have the confidence of keeping it on track.

however, today when i look at a book, a leisure quick read has become analytical. i was trying to see how a book is organized, how and why the experience of reading this book is better than the other... if we're trying to do something more than just a catalogue of our projects, it will be important to make a book that is interesting enough to read and to keep. i know well enough with our names and our project it is not appealing enough for any random book shopper to even pick it up and flip through it, haven't even got to the 'selling' part...

about an interesting and appealling book, so i've a vague idea of how some pages would have to be full bleed photographs; how some pages would be fillers with concise and focused text of 60pt. fonts. all these i realized were already inside my head from the many books that i've looked at. (mind you the differents between "reading a book" and "looking at a book") in this sense if we are doing a book, an architecture book of unknowm master students about a no-where site, it'll have to be somewhat attractive to "look" at. average 15-30 mins time for the whole book. or the 1 min flip-through in a bookstore...

i cannot say anything more concrete than that at this point. with the very blurry image of the book in mind and the help and suggestion from colleague and professors, i will try to tell you more about this journey of making a book. soon.

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