Thursday, April 20, 2006

everyday plaza

i will have do some research and find out more to tell you about it's history and so on, it is the point where the three "st pere" streets (s.p. más baix, s.p.miataj and s.p. mas alt) merges and end. personally, Plaça St.Pere is a neighborhood plaza that is closest to my home and one that i enjoy. (seems to me it is ancient plaza, ha, but you never know in this city, intervention is at every corner)

we learn from ARCH2553 that a "plaza" is a well definied space usually with one prominent façade and four corners. but this seem not to be the case here in barcelona. a plaça could take any form, as "public space" would be a better tag for them. usually in front of one of these many churches the façade becomes the backdrop of life that is happening, thus the "public" part of the space.

perhaps it is true that density creates energy. that when you cannot have a huge front or backyard then the kids will run onto the street to play football, and these spaces become the "communal living room" (i need to credit the person who coin this term but i don't remember where did i hear it from...) different activities take on at different time. at nights and weekends, people from the bar surrounding will spill into the plaza; during the day there are people passing, appearing and disappering through the many streets that open into the plaza. there are always old ladies with the food trolleys (carrito) around 11am-2pm & 5-7pm. on a quiet sunday afternoon like this one there would be children playing football.

ocassionally the church bell rings. i never understand the schedule and rythmn of these bells, nevertheless they are as pleasant as ever. oh, and the dog bark, yes, dogs do bark a lot here. there are usually fountains in these plazas, still some people would take drinking water from there, but mostly it has become the foundtains for thristy dogs during their daily walk...

a little descriptive excerise
@ Plaça de St. Pere, bcn

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