Saturday, April 08, 2006

the right theatre

as much as i would like to visit different venue to watch different type of performance, sometimes my instinct on finding venue and happening to my liking is quite accurate. therefore, after i have found the "right" place and the right shows, due to the little time i have and the laziness i that cannot shake, i usually take the conservative method and go back to the place i've already known.

Mercat de les Flores is one of thsoe places. After watching res de res, i get to know this venue and learnt that they carry performances to my interest. so, without much further research done, i trusted them (brand-building worked here) and we went to see Akram Khan tonight.

Comparing to the previous piece i saw, this performance is a little more philosophical and less "entertaining". with a hindu root it feels almost spiritual. When the dancers' bodies are rolling and stretching and bending as such, you can almost see their mind and soul in another world in order for them to perform with such spirit...

"ma" by Akram Khan.
Photo: Colin Hattersley

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