Saturday, May 13, 2006

placa filipe neri

sitting in the plaza for 3 hours... starting with a group of little girls sitting under the portal doing their large artwork, without knowing what a romantic setting they're at in. looking at the plaza at 4 pm when there was nobody, just a table of ladies lunching. a couple sipping coffee and chatting with very soft voice. and us.

slowly, people started passing by, various tourist came through the courtyard from under the archway towards the opposite alley. an old couple that has time to stroll through very slowly. another group of bicycle tourist came from the other side street, filling this little courtyard with almost 20 bicycles.

another family came taking another table at the cafe; this little boy is on a wheelchair but has a happy smile on his face, he must be loved. three backpackers saat at the doorwa of a closed church resting, eating their sandwich and taking-in the sun (tomar el sol - sunbathing) at this pretty little place. the bicycle tourist went on to their next destination and the lunching ladies left after chatting with the young "camerero" (waiter)...

the bell from the cathedral behind stroke five, echoing a smaller one in the chapel of filipe neri in front of us.

suddenly all the little kids from school are running out for their liberty, chasing each other, kicking the football hard onto these hundred-years old stone wall. a coupe quiet girls sat under a tree whispering about the boy-next-door. the grandma who came pick up her grandson let the kid run wild and keep catching up with the other grannies.

this old delicate plaza under spring sun doesn't mean anything as such to them, they are just enjoying their life as is. it is only to us these "多愁善感的人" who would think, it is such a beautiful scene of kids shouting in a medieval courtyard under shadows of large trees. (verses the suburban child who play in their large concrete playground with no setting or shading...)

if we close our eyes, the sound of these happy children are exactly the same.

the bell rang again and it's now a quarter past five. peace arrives again. boys and girls went different ways back home with their mom or grandparents. curiously the tourist left at the same time. two little boy who doesn't have anyone to pick them up stay chatting and kicking aimlessly. another lone tourist passed by. a flashy couple of a young girl with an older guy came sit down to our next table, talking loud in their own language.

now we hear again the sound of water from the fountain. we are still here. me next to him.

this is just another descriptive excerise. description of another beautiful afternoon that we've shared.

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