Thursday, September 21, 2006

La Sombra del viento - the grand finale

spending three days to finish reading this novel setting in my favorite city, barcelona, on the way of my departure to that life and that relationship...

i still remeber that day of in april 2006. el dia de Sant Jorge, the festival when books were given by girls to their lover in exchange for a rose (and love). certainly to me a book is a much better gift than a red rose, and it was this day we followed the tradition in our own way and we gave each other this book.

Through the story that happens in those streets and cafes which i got to know and fell in love with, remebering the good days, i thank you for painting it with brilliant color.

of course, the relationship as well as the reading of a 300-page novel in spanish couldn't move forward much.

until today when i am leaving the city that i picked up again the novel - in english translation. reading it with much ease in a familiar language, i was hoping to find the missing pieces where i couldn't understand in the foreign environment.

and this will be the conclusion of the "catalonian detail" blog which has docuemented my life in barcelona in 2006. thank you if you have been reading it and to the city and everyone that i've met in this wonderful place.

-- THE END --

la sombra del viento by Carlos Ruis Zafon

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